Brioche by Philip
500 Little Collins Street
03 9939 9517
Monday – Friday: 7am – 2.30pm

French trained in Tokyo, Philip has brought a modern Japanese influence to traditional French baking, first at Melbourne’s Paul Bocuse bakery, now at Brioche by Philip, where he has won numerous awards (including best bakery and best sourdough in Melbourne). So where is Melbourne’s best French bakery and specialist coffee house? At St James.

Doughboys Doughnuts
Tenancy 1B, 535 Bourke Street
Tuesday – Friday: 7.30am – 3pm

Doughboys has become famous for their hand-crafted doughnuts and specialty coffee in cafés around Melbourne. They make everything themselves, even roasting and grinding their own nuts to make different nut pastes. And now you’ll find their alignment of quality doughnuts and great coffee in a permanent home. At St James.

Etto Pasta Bar
Tenancy 6, 535 Bourke Street
9629 8416
Monday – Friday: 11am – 8.30pm

Eating in Italy is more than a way of satisfying your appetite, it’s a way of celebrating life. It’s all about fresh ingredients, simple flavours, cooked with love. It’s about feeling you can drop in any time for a plate of pasta and a glass of wine. Where can you go if you can’t get to Rome, Florence or Milan? At St James.

Goz City
502 Little Collins Street

9041 5667
Monday – Friday: 8am – 3pm

Taylan Aksoy has brought Turkey’s famous gozleme flatbreads from the markets and street stalls of Istanbul to Melbourne’s CBD. At Goz City they roll and fill yufka pastry for the savoury flatbread in the front window before each gozleme is cooked to order. Where can you find this classic Turkish street food in Melbourne? At St James.

Pok Pok Jr.
Tenancy 9, 555 Bourke Street
9620 4580
Monday: 7am – 3pm
Tuesday – Friday: 7am – 9.30pm

Pok Pok has brought the tastes of Thai street food from Bangkok to Melbourne (and the sounds – pok pok is the sound of a pestle gently thumping spices in a granite mortar). Their Thai is kaffir-infused, coriander-riddled, and Chinese/Persian/Malay-influenced. Where can you find them if you can’t get to Thailand? At St James.

Simply Spanish
Tenancy 10, 555 Bourke Street

9620 3332
Tuesday – Friday:
Lunch 11.30am – 2pm
Dinner 4pm – 9pm
Saturday: Dinner 4pm – 9pm

Simply Spanish is a culinary journey that has brought food from some of the great cooking regions of Spain to Melbourne. Wednesday is paella night and happy hour (or hora feliz as they say in Madrid) from 4 to 6pm Wednesday to Friday. Where can you find real taste of Spain? At St James.

Spin Coffee
Tenancy 11, 555 Bourke Street
9629 7337
Monday – Friday: 7am – 5pm

Spin Coffee supports the growing consciousness around ethically farmed and sustainable produce. They source their ingredients from local farmers, and serve coffee from local roasters Code Black. They’re also a hub for food innovation in corporate catering for any event or meeting. Where can you find them? At St James.

510 Little Collins Street
Monday – Friday: 7.30am – 2.30pm

Zuppa Soup Kitchen is bringing soup back to the table, but it’s better than you’ve ever imagined. Lovingly prepared from scratch with only the freshest and finest quality ingredients, our soups use a slow cooked broth base to create rich, flavoursome soups that are naturally full of hearty goodness.